Si... I was in the second apprenticeship year two weeks in paris. There, every student had to drawn and familiarize with a place in that city. I was at the Musée d’Orsay. I did drawings and take some researches about this place. Back in Switzerland in school was the task to bring this stuff we collected in to a layout. I chose the musée d’orsay as my subject and visualized the changes this places made through the years.

A journey through Dublin, I was in the first apprenticeship year one week in Dublin and did there my photographs. Back in school i had to layout a publication with my photographs and a text that was given to me. It was about selecting an photo series and bring this series with the text together.

London We Build This City On Books, In the third apprenticeship year I was going to London for two weeks. In London every student had to visualy portrait two independant bookshops. We collected our material from every student and made a book with it. It was a challenge to work with visual material that is not from yourself.